Natural Horsemanship & Classical Riding Natural Horsemanship and Farmwork on Eco Lodge Tucurrique, Costa Rica Finca Soley
Join our well rounded volunteer expirience at Finca Soley. Immerse into Nature, the study of Horses, and give back by teaching English. Includes a Spanish course.
Natural Horsemanship & Classical Riding Tucurrique, Costa Rica Finca Soley
Join us on our peaceful horse farm. Learn Natural Horsemanship, bitless riding and classical training. Horses, Nature and Farmlife. Spanish Course available too!
Organic Farming and Building on Eco Lodge Tucurrique, Costa Rica Finca Soley
Volunteer on an ecological farm and lodge: learn about building, planting, weeding, permaculture, fruit tree care and animal care. INCLUDES A SPANISH COURSE.

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Project Details

Here at Finca Soley we share our passion and love for horses and natural horsemanship. Come to enjoy, learn and develop.

Finca Soley is a horse project and volunteers are completly involved in everything. Our volunteers recieve natural horsemanship lessons and a spanisch course in order to activly help in the training of the horses and the teaching (weather in the school or riding lessons for kids).

Finca Soley is a very small project that really tries to change something here in the area but also for the horses that get in touch with people that have been with us. We will touch your idea about horses and horse training. Spread the word to create a better world for our beloved horses and the people around them.

Finca Soley is a beautiful Guestfarm in the mountain area of Cartago, Costa Rica's best kept secret. Enjoy seeing and hearing horses neighing outside my balcony doors, watching the volcano smoke early in the morning, cooking over a beautiful fire pit.


We use Natural Horsemanship to understand and comunicate with our horses and learn about their body and how to teach them to use it properly using the academic art of riding without the need of a bit. 

At Finca Soley you will:

  • learn the essential communication with horses on the ground
  • Start to understand what horses are telling you!
  • Learn to play with them in a understable Language
  • Become safe & smart around horses in the field and barn
  • Learn about your Horse’s unique character 
  • Learn to use psychology depending on horse-character 
  • Improve your drive & respect level

All you need to know about the Courses Finca Soley offers

  • We refine our Communication skills on the rope and in liberty.
  • We built a loving friendship & become creative with our games.
  • We improve our riding communication skills & test our relationship by starting to ride brideless
  • We built up our skills on the rope and start to work on our draw system 
  • We will apply what we have learnt on the ground into the saddle
  • Learn to ride using Breathing & Engery techniques
  • Learn about principles of Natural Horsemanship
  • Discussions about various horsemanships from different Nations

The main focus of the project is on
Foundation Year
Contact Person
isa Avendaño
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

Finca Soley´s mission is to teach natural horsemanship lessons to the people. We organize events at our farm to demonstrate and explain Natural Horsemanship.
In addition to kids riding lessons, we are helping with the English lessons in our small village school. It is important to advertise to the surrounding schools, as well as the organization of the lessons and the preparation of teaching material.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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