Social Childcare Women Empowerment and Education San Ramón, Costa Rica Integrated Learning Experience
Teach low income and vulnerable women to overcome difficult situations by giving them tools through education to improve their quality of life.
Enviromental Presevation San Ramón, Costa Rica Integrated Learning Experience
Volunteers work in various projects aimed at preserving the fragile ecosystem in protected areas, parks and foundations
Social Childcare San Ramón, Costa Rica Integrated Learning Experience
Work with children in Costa Rica in low income daycare centers or orphanages.
Childcare Help Guatemala, Guatemala Integrated Learning Experience
This program is designed to help children who need it the most. Work with children in Guatemala in low-income daycare centers and orphanages.
Physiotherapy Support Antigua, Guatemala Integrated Learning Experience
Volunteers in this program can assist one of our partner clinics where many patients are treated from a diverse arrays of conditions.
Wildlife: Turtles Conservation Punta Arenas, Costa Rica Integrated Learning Experience
Volunteer in a rescue center that takes in various endangered species of turtles, fish, caimans and others.
Wildlife Rescue Center San Ramón , Costa Rica Integrated Learning Experience
Volunteers in the wildlife program in Costa Rica work in animal rescue centers aimed at helping endangered species.
Medical Support Center Antigua, Guatemala Integrated Learning Experience
Our Medical Internship program is designed to give real-world experience under a clinical setting to medical students, professionals, and people in healthcare.
Special Education Support Antigua, Guatemala Integrated Learning Experience
Encourage the educational opportunities of children with special needs by teaching them general knowledge, music, educational games, and workshops.
Wildlife & Sea Turtle Conservation Antigua, Guatemala Integrated Learning Experience
Work in preservation and protection programs of marine wildlife in the coast of Guatemala.
Special Education School San Ramon- Alajuela, Costa Rica Integrated Learning Experience
This program is designed to make the most out of education that is tailored to individuals with special needs.
Medical assistant intern Cusco, Perù Integrated Learning Experience
A way to support low income clinics in the Cusco region. Participants must have medical or health background
Childcare and Orphanages assistant Cusco, Perù Integrated Learning Experience
Support the children of Cusco and surrounding towns by working in a day care or orphanage
Girl's home assistant cusco, Perù Integrated Learning Experience
The girl's home serves as a safe space for young girls who have been subject of physical and psychological abuse.
Wildlife sanctuary Assistant Cusco, Perù Integrated Learning Experience
Work in a wildlife refuge that aims to rehabilitate wild animals that have been illegally kept as pets.
Education Provider Cusco, Perù Integrated Learning Experience
Become a teach or teacher assistant at a school in Peru. Teach English, math, science,sports and more!
Education / Teaching Assistance San Ramón, Costa Rica Integrated Learning Experience
Volunteers in the education program will help underprivileged kids in Costa Rica have a better education by helping teach a subject.
Education Tutoring Antigua, Guatemala Integrated Learning Experience
Work in schools and after school programs teaching what you know best . Teach English, Math, science , music or arts

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Project Details

Integrated Learning Experiences was founded in 2005 by former Peace Corps staff that wanted to provide flexible volunteer programs with a positive impact.

Integrated Learning Experiences’ (INLEX) mission is to strengthen human resources in Central America and South America through volunteer programs, educational travel and internship opportunities.

In addition to this, INLEX provides opportunities for students and professionals to further gain experience in their field of choice by matching participants with the best opening available.

We work towards:

-Sustainability in the projects and communities that we work in.
-Programs that promote cultural exchange.
-Safe and affordable programs.
-Strengthening and empowering communities.
-Authentic experiences for our participants.
-Facilitating education.

INLEX was set founded by former Peace Corps staff in Guatemala in 2005 who wanted to provide flexible programs for volunteers in Central America. This flexibility allows our participants the option to commit for as long as they want in the area they are best suited to support; creating a positive impact and a rewarding experience. We do this because we believe in the principle that every volunteer can make a difference.

Many years and happy people later, we continue working with key partner projects to develop communities in the Latin American region.

The main focus of the project is on
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Diego Colombi
Spoken Languages

Social Impact


Integrated Learning Experiences Central America was founded with the idea in mind to make a positive impact in the communities that we work in. The philosophy of the organization has roots in the founders' experience in the Peace Corps and the ultimate goal is to help communities help themselves in the long term.

We are Local

We are not run by a corporation. We are in the destinations we send people to, our in-country knowledge is key to delivering participants to projects that need it the most. We use local staff and create local employment.


We are not a tourism company, we are committed to supporting the communities we work in by helping local projects and local economy.


INLEX evaluates participants, projects, host families and uses only trusted providers for their programs. By using our local staff's knowledge and criteria we are able to establish a safe network of programs within each country.

Positive impact

Projects are carefully matched the participant's skills. The projects and companies work with a volunteer or intern who will be useful to their goals and participants get a useful and rewarding experience. The best match ensures a win-win situation for each party.

Integrated Learning Experiences was established in 2005 with goal of bringing volunteers in to flexible programs in areas of need in Guatemala. Since then, INLEX has expanded to Costa Rica and Peru with seasonal programs in Argentina and Nicaragua. We work to match the best skills of volunteers with the right projects where they can make the most impact. Our projects tend to be long time partners that are committed to improving the living conditions of their local communities.

INLEX has placed over 2500 participants in various communities in Central and South America in the areas of : medicine, education,micro-finance, wildlife conservation,women empowerment, child care ,environmental conservation and more. All the projects that receive volunteers  from INLEX get access to various volunteer's profiles , and support and training material from us.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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