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Mountain Village Teacher
Good Karma Foundation Nepal

Good Karma Foundation Nepal

Mountain Village Teacher Lamjung, Nepal Good Karma Foundation Nepal NGO | Good Karma Foundation Nepal
Volunteers will teach in the village called Siurung which lies in the Annapurna area of Nepal.
Holistic Community Development Lamjung, Nepal Good Karma Foundation Nepal NGO | Good Karma Foundation Nepal
This program consist of multiple activities as working in Agriculture farm on holiday and teaching in local schools while experiencing the homestay.

Project Details

Good karma foundation was founded after the Nepal Earthquake of April 2015, the biggest disaster of our history. The Foundation helps to rebuild and empower locals.

The Good karma foundation was founded after the Nepal Earthquake of April 2015, the biggest disaster of our history. The Foundation helped in the huge rebuilding and reconstruction work, which captivated our volunteers from worldwide destinations. This year has been one of the most trying in Nepalese history. Our plan is to go ahead with as much work as we can fund to make Nepal a better place to live in guided by our best idea as, our altruistic philosophy, our resources and technology.

There are many national and international, non-governmental organizations in Nepal and Good Karma is trying to be an effective one. Good Karma wants to bring practical results from its work and if you are interested in these practical results you can be part of our foundation. The Good Karma Foundation will basically work with help of volunteers worldwide who want to rebuild and help Nepal.

Most of the Institutions are currently focusing on areas like Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan but our goal is to cover outlaying areas of Nepal, possibly in all 75 districts of our country. The nice part of our projects is we want to touch all the district of country, not only focusing on the easy areas.

Our focus will be on issues of Health and Education which can help Nepal to make a better place for tomorrow. We also organize training and social awareness in the areas respectively. Most of the population of the country live in the urban and mountain area and lack basic medical care.

If you are interested, please send us your full information and in which district you would like to volunteer. We can also help you to choose the area of volunteering. Even if you are in short time we can recommend closer areas from the urban center. if you are intending to do long term volunteering, we recommend to focusing on marginal areas of the country. 

Vision of the Organization

A rural Nepal with better living conditions.

Mission of the Organization

Effective use of volunteer with expertise in health and education to improve the social conditions in rural Nepal.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Nabraj Ghimire
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

In 2015, while serving as a  volunteer for Nepal Earthquake victims throughout remote areas of Nepal villages in the Himalayas, Raj witnessed an extreme amount of suffering from severe financial poverty, poor sanitation, and lack of adequate education. He decided to do something about it – Good Karma Foundation Nepal was born (in 2015 he used much money from his trekking job to create a website). 

Since this time, Raj has been able to dedicate himself full time to building Good Karma Foundation Nepal. He dreams that his country will someday be happy and much unnecessary suffering can end forever. Step by step, volunteer by volunteer, day by day, we can all help affect positive change.
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