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South America Inside promotes intercultural, linguistic and educational exchanges. Its volunteer programs are addressed to students, professionals and retirees.

About the Project

South America Inside is an intercultural management agency, founded back in 2003, which specializes in the promotion of programs abroad, language travel and educational programs throughout Latin America.

Since 2007, to enrich the experience of our global-minded clients and to provide them with even more possibilities, South America Inside has been expanding their program offerings throughout South and Central America.

Working together with some of the best language schools in Latin America, South America Inside provides high quality language courses in almost every Latin American country.

Thanks to a professional team of motivated and friendly staff, South America Inside has been very successful over the past several years and have been able to establish an outstanding network of what we call "Insider Contacts." To enrich the experience of their clients and to provide them with more possibilities, South America Inside has been expanding our program offerings throughout Central and South America, in addition to our well-established Chilean programs.

Volunteer Work

Do you dream of staying abroad while doing something positive? Are you looking for a unique experience that will leave a mark on your life? Then a Volunteer Work program in South America or Central America is perfect for you!

With South America Inside you can combine an adventure abroad with social commitment, and create lasting memories in Latin America. Support the protection of endangered species; help a local community construct new homes; give new hope to impoverished children.

The possibilities to lend a hand are diverse, as there are the many places where help is needed. We have classified our volunteer projects in different areas so you can easily find the one (or more!) projects that best match your needs and interests.

Why with us

There are many persuasive reasons that speak in favor of South America Inside when it comes to selecting your perfect provider of language, study and volunteer travel abroad. Following, we have prepared a short summary so that you can get us to know a little better.

Our Insider benefits at a glance:

  Regional Experience
Over one decade (established in 2003) of dedication to language, work and study travel programs in Latin America. Thanks to our long standing work and life experience in the South American continent, we know this region really well. Therefore, we can help and inform you in a professional and competent way.

  Multifaceted Offers
Over time we have developed new programs to offer a wide array of work abroad opportunities to our clients. We have been pioneers in launching new exchange programs, as we have been the first in offering Work & Travel/Working Holiday and Farm Stays in Chile and successfully introduced these programs into the market back in 2005. Since 2012, we are the only agency to offer this type of program in Costa Rica.

  Insider Advice
Despite living in the modern era of the internet, we know that reliable and competent advice is still an important criterion for most of us. At South America Inside, you will find the benefits of an internet provider and an independent travel agency. We will be glad to pass on our extensive knowledge and regional experience.!

It is difficult to run programs when there is nobody “on the ground” to evaluate existing options and search for new opportunities. So, we are located in Chile, on location, and we know everything that is going on first hand. We know what it is like to live as a foreigner in South America and will be happy to assist you in making your stay unforgettable!

South America Inside is an independent provider of language courses, internships, volunteer work, Farm Stays and Work & Travel programs in Latin America. We neither depend financially nor structurally on any other company, language school, association or organization. Therefore, we are able to give personalized information in accordance to your needs and availability.

  Reliability and Certified Quality
Since our foundation in 2003, we are a member of the German-Chilean Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Santiago de Chile, where our office is located. This membership stands for reliability, professionalism and consistency. You are kindly invited to request references about us at the Chamber ( Additionally, we are a member of the WYSE Travel Association and its sector association WYSE Work Abroad. This membership represents trusted organizations that specialize in work abroad, volunteer programs, and student travel. It is also dedicated to enhancing youth mobility and supporting reliable sending-and-receiving organizations worldwide. All members, including us, have to agree to their Constitution and Code of Conduct, which means competent, fair, and trustworthy business practices.

  Multilingual Team
Our team is multilingual and international! We speak fluent English, Spanish and German, as well as some French and Portuguese. With our customers, we can communicate in their native language and we avoid misunderstandings with local partners by communicating in Spanish with them. You can be sure that there will be an English-speaking contact person for you before, during, and after your stay.

  Customer Service
Excellent customer service is one of the most important goals for South America Inside, and this is evident with the positive feedback we regularly receive from our many happy clients. Emails are answered within 48 business hours and every client is treated with the same friendliness and expertise.

  Gapless and Accurate Information flow
With South America Inside you will have one and the same contact person before, during and after your trip. With that said, we guarantee a gapless and accurate information flow and you will always be very well informed.

  Approved Program Places
Many of our program places, especially in the area of internships and volunteer work, are designed in the way that they will be recognized by most universities, colleges or academies.

Work With Rescued Dogs Work with Disadvantaged Children Work with Disabled Children Work in a Day Care Center Wildlife Sanctuary Working Wildlife Sanctuary Worker Wildlife Rescue Worker Wildlife Rescue Assistant Wildlife Protection Worker Village School Teaching Teaching and Support Assistant Teach in an elementary school Special Needs Supporter Social Work and Health Care Assistant Sea Turtle Protection Worker Sea Turtle Protection Activist Sea Turtle Protection Rehabilition centre for disabled children Rainforest Species Protection Rainforest Conservationist Public Kindergarten Supporter Protector of the environment Pre-School Support Worker Parrot Conservation National Park Worker National Park Associate Monkey rescue supporter Mate & Teacher for Young People Marine Biodiversity Conservationist Leatherback Sea Turtle Protection Kindergarten Teacher Jungle Conservationist Indigenous Community Assistant Indigenous Children Day Care Horse Therapy Assistant Health Care Supporter Health Care Associate  Habitat Restoration Worker Field Studies at Wildlife Center Equine Therapy Supporter Environmental Protection Helper Environmental Protection Ambassador Enviromental Protection Supporter Elementary School Assistant Elderly Care Home Volunteer Disabled Children Supporter Disabled Children Carer Daycare Centre Assistant Daycare Center for Local Children Daycare Center for Children Conservation of local habitats Conservation and Eco Tourism Assistant Community Work with Indigenous Families Community Development Worker Children Caretaker Childcare Support Helper Childcare and Help Assistant Child Care worker Child Care Backup Cat Shelter Supporter Caretaker for exotic animals Caretaker for Children Care For The Homeless Building Project Assistant Assistant at Public Hospital Animal Welfare Worker&Protector Animal Welfare Support Animal Rescue Supporter Animal Protection Worker Amazon Animal Rescue Supporter Abandoned Animals Rescue Worker Abandoned Animals Guardian
Social Impact

Besides being an intercultural agency that organizes study and volunteer programs, South America Inside is also committed to conserving our planet Earth, as well as helping people in need. South America Inside's mission is to encourage a new generation of ecological aware individuals with the skills and motivation to make environmentally and socially conscious decisions on a local, national, and global scale.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals
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