Sustainable Urban Agricultural Initiatives Animal Welfare Helper Bilbao, Spanien Instituto Hemingway
Volunteer at animal shelters and give your love and care to animals that have been abandoned or abused by their owners and are looking for a new home 🐕.
Beach and Mountain Cleaning Supporter Bilbao, Spanien Instituto Hemingway
Since many beaches and mountains are not yet adequately protected from an environmental point of view, the support of volunteers is required.
English Teacher assistant For Kids Bilbao, Spanien Instituto Hemingway
Make a profound impact by teaching English to our eager and deserving children in a heartwarming project in Northern Spain. 📚
Art Therapy Bilbao, Spanien Instituto Hemingway
Join a compassionate community who share your commitment to making the world a kinder, more inclusive place and helping people with disabilities through the arts 🎨.
Sustainable Urban Agricultural Initiatives Bilbao, Spanien Instituto Hemingway
You don't have to be an expert to have a great impact on the conservation and positive management of our natural environments 🌱.
Marketing and Media Assistant Bilbao, Spanien Instituto Hemingway
Volunteers help schools in investigating and reporting on events, news, as well as help with reception and administration issues.
Social and environment entrepreneur Bilbao, Spanien Instituto Hemingway
Learn new skills and contribute to minimize the adverse environmental impact of tourism and get involved in important conservation and research programs.
Football Assistant and Community Supporter Bilbao, Spanien Instituto Hemingway
Support training sessions with kids and young people in in underprivileged area and make something rewarding to community ⚽.

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Instituto Hemingway is a worker-run service cooperative that works the local network of NGOs, associations and social enterprises with international volunteers.

Our vision is to promote international volunteerism, local associations and social enterprises by strategically matching international volunteer with local talents and creative thinking. Our goal is to function as a hub of innovative ideas and projects that can have a positive impact on Bilbao and the surrounding region. To that purpose we are constructing a community of social innovators - an international network that combines the energy and passion of volunteers from all over the world with the knowledge and skills of local NGOs, associations and social enterprises.

Volunteers work with the International Bilbao Network to support the causes of many Bilbao associations, NGOs, and public schools. Our local partners are committed to fostering social inclusion – in particular with regard to children at risk and migrants – as well as promoting local cultural heritage, English language,  animal care and environmental protection. The different organisations are committed to fostering social inclusion – in particular with regard to children at risk, migrants and homeless – as well as promoting local cultural heritage, English language, and environmental protection.

We are located in downtown Bilbao, just a few meters from  Gran Via in the historical centre. Instituto Hemingway is hosted in a 19th-century building across two floors and a rooftop terrace with a panoramic view.

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Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez
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Social Impact

The mission of Instituto Hemingway is to foster and promote the development of social initiatives that strive to have a positive social and cultural impact on the region.

The formula "international volunteers + local talents and creativity" endeavours to create a breeding ground for innovation for and within the territory combining in a single space the positive energy of international volunteers and the passion of local communities.

The lines of action can be summarised as follows:

1) Build a network of local actors consistent with the mission .
2) Create a shared workspace to promote and generate social initiatives.
3) Accompany and tutor international volunteers in their activities supporting local organization

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