Sea turtle and wildlife conservation trip Sea turtle and wildlife conservation trip Santa Maria Tonameca, Mexique Tartarukus
15 days for experience Mexican life as a local travelling along Oaxaca coast & protecting turtles, marine fauna, deers, jungle wildlife, educating children, and more!
Turtle Conservation Supporter San Pedro Huamelula, Mexique Tartarukus
Support the community to strengthen ecotourism from protecting turtles, to empowering children to protecting nature living in front of the Pacific Ocean!
Horseback riding and ecotourism assistant Santa Maria Tonameca, Mexique Tartarukus
Be part of a traditional coastal community surrounded by horses living in freedom. Support with respectful environmental activities and connect with horses and nature.

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Détails du projet

Conservation of millions of sea turtles by patrolling the beach, relocating nests and monitoring sea turtle females on the beach.

Numerous local groups are developing their own projects to preserve important natural areas or endangered species in Mexico. Many of them are well focused or have an enormous potential to develop ecotourism (or sustainable tourism), raising money from visitors to continue their work. 

For this reason, Tartarukus was born to strengthen these conservation groups by offering them environmental technical consulting and promotion or their work, using digital media, social networks and developing a web platform to demonstrate the environmental work of the local groups and the services that they offer to visitors.

Our main objectives are:

  • to maintain and improve conservation activities in the groups such as vigilance and patrolling of natural areas, monitoring species, protecting nests or reproductive areas of specific species, developing an environmental education program in the communities, etc.
  • to enhance intercultural exchange in order to give a new perspective to solve environmental and social problems,
  • to raise awareness worldwide of the environmental situation in the natural areas in the South of Mexico,
  • to show the importance of the work of the local people for its conservation,
  • to demonstrate how people can fund these conservation projects through ecotourism.

Our allied local groups are:

  1. Centro Ecoturístico Escobilla. This group of 13 people from the Escobilla community in Oaxaca have been working for the conservation of sea turtles by relocating nests and monitoring the females on the beach. They have been protecting the Sanctuary Playa Escobilla for 17 years in which more than 2 million sea turtles are nesting every year, doing everything without almost no income, showing their incomparable perseverance and will for the conservation.
  2. Servicios Ecoturísticos La Ventanilla. This group is certificated as Paraíso Indígena, and they dedicated their efforts in the conservation of the american crocodyle, whitetail deer, three species of sea turtle (green, leatherback and olive Ridley sea turtle) and the mangroves of the lagoon.
  3.  El Gavilán ADVC. El Gavilán is a Donated Area to the Conservation (ADVC) in Cozoaltepec community, Oaxaca, composed of the land of more than 30 people of the community. Since 2014, they are monitoring, patrolling and reporting incidents in the jungle of El Gavilán in order to avoid poaching and deforestation.

Here, you have the possibility to join us into a wild experience, protecting thousands of sea turtles nesting at the same time, monitoring hundreds of crocodiles, in a very safety way, and walking in a jungle full of wildlife (cougars, ocelots, toucans, ...) by our hands and the hands of indigenous conservation groups. 

We are looking for people, groups or organizations who want to take actions which regenerate the environment, Always being flexible, open minded and willing to live together in a very different people and environment. It is required to have a physical condition enough to patrol the beach

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Social Impact

We are supporting local groups to strengthen their positive impact in the natural areas and in their community.

Each group has their own social impact in their community:

  • Centro Ecoturístico Escobilla is motivating other groups in the community to stop poaching sea turtle and start to conservate them through ecotourism. They also protect more than 1000 nests of sea turtle along the year from 3 threatened species of sea turtles: green, leatherback and olive ridley sea turtles.
  • On the other hand, Servicios Ecoturísticos La Ventanilla, raised more than 30 whitetail deers in order to conservate the species in the region. They also monitor more than 100 American crocodiles in Ventanilla's lagoon and patrol the beach to protect nests of sea turtle. Also, El Gavilán is reporting poaching incidents of cougar, other animals such as ocelots and protecting the trees from illegal logging, since they have unique tree species.
  • The other groups are working hard in conservation too. Regarding to Ecotur Puerto Ángel, they are working with fishermen, trying to involve them in sustainable fishing techniques, warning them of the decreasing of the fish species populations, etc. They also are reporting data from migrant whales, and in case of seeing an entangled whale, they are trained to help them. They also look for abandoned nets in order to avoid incidental deaths of the marina fauna.

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