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You’re ready dive into another culture, have the most beautiful experience of your lifetime, make children smile, and see the beauty of Africa? You can make a difference!

Who is giving hands?

We are Sarah - a German physical therapist who decided to stay here in Tanzania & Emmanuel - a Tanzanian safari and tour guide - will do anything to give you the most beautiful time here in Africa.

What do we do?

We founded this social project to help the people in Tanzania, ...


Who is giving hands?

We are Sarah - a German physical therapist who decided to stay here in Tanzania & Emmanuel - a Tanzanian safari and tour guide - will do anything to give you the most beautiful time here in Africa.

What do we do?

We founded this social project to help the people in Tanzania, because we can’t save the world alone. That’s why we need Y O U !  We provide a housing and fresh cooked meals in our house for you during your stay and we give you the opportunity to work voluntarily in several different projects like children care, hospitals, schools, babyhomes, environmental projects or women empowerment projects to help the community and increase intercultural exchange. Emmanuel as a native will show you the town Arusha, which bus to take, how to dress properly, where to go and how to behave in this culture and we bring you in those projects the first day, such that you know what to do and where to go. 

Where are we?

We - and also you if you come - live in Arusha, Tanzania. Tanzania itself is located in Eastern Africa and is a very safe country. You can trust me as a European, I‘ve never been scared or felt offended at any time (which is also because Emmanuel explained me well on the first days). The people here are so open minded and warmly welcome everyone, no matter which religion or skin colour, they are just nice to each other. Arusha is THE tourism town, because every Safari starts from here, so we have supermarkets, coffees, restaurants and many hotels, just like in Europe. The gap between very poor and very rich people is quite big here, so you will find every kind of person on the road. It’s just colourful and nice here, but see for yourself!

Our vision is, to help the community of Africa. Not just help them temporarily but to help them help themselves better. This can only be done together, that’s why we need you. We also wish to show you the t r u e Africa with its true people and show you this wonderful but also very different culture. Come visit us and we show you the beauty of this wonderful place of earth.

On top of that we aim to teach English to poor children, such that they can have a future and good education means also a good job. 

Furthermore we aim to educate the women and also the men (starting in school) about hygienical issues, menstruation and sexual diseases like HIV or explain them about how not to get pregnant in a young age to ensure a better future for the girls. 

My personal goal as a therapist is of course also to help those in need such as people with diseases or special need children, because their life is hard itself but in a poor country without any chance of earning money it’s even harder. 

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for motivated people who want to get to know the real Africa and do their volunteering in the most beautiful country with people who really need our help. It’s important to be open minded and simply interested in this other culture.

Why choose us?

First, we bring travelling (such as safaris, trip to hot springs or maasai villages or other tours) and volunteering together, to guarantee you the most beautiful experience of your life! 

We really do this with love and all our hearts, you will live in our house with maximum 6 other people in a room with maximum 4 people each room and enough space - so it’s very familiar and comfortable and not crowded and unknown as many other hostels here. If you have anything on your mind or want to ask something we will be there for you. 

Also our location is very close to supermarkets and restaurants and a fresh fruit and vegetable market, so you can enjoy the tastiness of Africa! 

On top of that we offer you all our trips like safaris and other weekend trips for special prices, that’s actually very cool. 

And we will truly put you into projects that really need help and also give you an impact of this wonderful African culture. Emmanuel as a native will cook (very delicious) African food and explain you a lot about the culture. You could also take Swahili lessons or just ask if you need to know anything - fell free, hakuna matata!


Sarah Mariki

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch, Französisch, Deutsch, Suaheli
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Giving Hands Tansania Bewertungen

Jonas Florian Bruns rating4,8

2023 at Biogas, Treeplanting and Water-Nanofilter

I had an amazing time in Arusha. Emmanuel and Sarah are really nice hosts. In my time it was possible to switch between programs. My stay was well organized. ...
Dimitri Villas rating5,0

2023 at Biogas, Treeplanting and Water-Nanofilter

Honnêtement, ne pas hésiter une seconde ! Sarah et Emmanuel sont des hôtes extras, bienveillants, sincères, ils ont créé une ambiance familiale au sein de la maison ! Les missions sont adaptables, et variées ce qui donnent une bonne vision du volontariat en Afrique!! Durant mes 6 semaines ...
elisabetta mauri rating5,0

2023 at Children Caretaker

It was a wonderful experience. I worked in Samaritan Village Orphanage with 2 and 3 years old children. They are lovely and you can spend unforgettable moments with them . Sarah and Emmanuel are always kind and helpful and they immediately make you feel at home . I can’ t wait to join my big ...
Britt Jansema rating4,6

2023 at Children Caretaker

We had an amazing time in Tanzania. Enjoyed the country and explored, did trips like safari’s, and at the same time we had so much fun volunteering and we felt so thankful for this opportunity, it is very educational. ...
Marilyn Haese rating5,0

2022 at Children Caretaker

They cared really well about us and explained everything. Also all the people are so friendly. I had so much fun on safari and the whole time there. Additionally the food was really nice. Highly recommend! Really really ...
Kim Luitjens rating4,8

2022 at Children Caretaker

My time in Arusha, Tanzania, was unforgettable. I met many people with a big heart. Sarah and Emmanuel are lovely people and take good care of you. The project was very exciting and impressive. I can absolutely recommend volunteering in ...

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