Teaching Assistant at a Pre & Primary School Dog and Cat Shelter Assistant Arusha, Tansania STEP Africa
Support the team at the shelter with the handling and care of the strays. Take the dog on walks next to a beautiful national park. Provide medical care and training.
Teaching Assistant at a Pre & Primary School Arusha, Tansania STEP Africa
Help the teachers in their everyday routine and learn more about the Tanzanian school system. Bring in your own ideas and immerse yourself in the African culture.
Assistant at a Pre- and After-School Center Arusha, Tansania STEP Africa
Support and teach at the preschool to prepare the 3-6 years old kids for primary school. Bring in own ideas and activities for the kids in the After-School.
Support a Local Hospital Arusha, Tansania STEP Africa
Assist the team at the hospital, help where help is needed and immerse yourself in the Tanzanian healthcare system.
Child Care Worker for Babies and Toddlers Arusha, Tansania STEP Africa
Become a childcare worker for babies and toddlers in a home for orphaned and abandoned babies as well as a toddler daycare centre in Arusha supporting families in need.

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STEP Africa is a Tanzanian social enterprise founded in German-Tanzanian cooperation. We offer a variety of volunteer projects, internships and culture-sensitive travel.

With our programs, we make our contribution to international understanding and want to give our participants intercultural and global capacity for action along the way. As a sustainable organization, we support, with the support of our participants, choosen projects and initiatives in Tanzania.

Step Africa (Students for Tanzania Exchange Programs – Africa) is under German-Tanzanian leadership and was found in 2014 by the Tanzanian Aaron together with his wife Kira. Both form the administration team and are are primarily responsible for working behind the scenes. Behind STEP Africa is a motivated team of permanent staff in Arusha consisting of our volunteer coordinator Upendo, our driver, our housekeeping staff (aka our house moms), and night watchman / caretaker at STEP Africa - House as well as our two dear hostel dogs. We look forward to welcome you here in Arusha!

We are not a huge organization with worldwide branches. Our programs focus exclusively on the Arusha region in northern Tanzania. We prefer to dispense with expensive advertising and glossy brochures and offer you an individual on-site support by our Tanzanian team. That's a big advantage for you. Because we can offer you very fair fees, there are no expensive administrative structures with us. In return, we offer our employees in Tanzania a decent wage and a secure job; And you have an unforgettable time!

We employ our volunteers exclusively in projects where they can gain valuable experience for their future. Our volunteers do not replace local workers. Volunteers are assistants who provide support to employees and, for example, do tasks for which there is not enough time left.

STEP Africa wants to give people of every age the chance to get to know the beauty but also the difficulties and challenges of Tanzania with their own eyes. Internships are a wonderful opportunity to meet people and small aid initiatives on an equal footing, to learn how to work, to assist the local workforce and to develop long-term and sustainable friendship and cooperation through intercultural dialogue.

We know what we are talking about! Our team combines relevant qualifications and many years of experience in tourism and social work in Tanzania. Our friendly and qualified supervisors will always be by your site as a contact person. 

Der Hauptfokus dieser Organisation ist
Annabell Wolter & Juliane Döhler
Annabell Wolter & Juliane Döhler
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Social Impact

The African continent is fraught with many prejudices. But in Africa there is more than poverty and misery. Tanzania is a land of ideas and resources, politically stable and of breathtaking beauty. To experience everyday life in Tanzania is an adventure in itself, which is a lot of fun! 

Our programs are based on the principle of coexistence and mutual learning in an increasingly globalized world. Expanding your horizons and looking beyond your own nose is a valuable experience that shapes your future life. A trip to Africa opens your eyes to other life plans and perspectives!

Our contribution to development is to bring people of different cultural backgrounds together to foster a common dialogue. We promote initiatives and projects in Arusha in the most sustainable way possible.

We offer you the opportunity to volunteer in Tanzania in meaningful projects or to gain valuable work experience during your internship and thus to experience African everyday life up close. We firmly believe in the power of change through intercultural exchange. With our programs we promote and demand equal rights and cultural tolerance. We know Tanzania first-hand and know exactly what it takes to organize your stay.

Our team is looking forward to welcoming you in Tanzania!

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