Wildlife Reserve Wildlife Reserve Kenton-on-Sea, South Africa Rainbow Garden Village
Observe and monitor the likes of lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and buffalos, to contribute towards scientific research in the protection of these incredible animals.
Wildlife Conservation Worker Phetchaburi, Thailand Rainbow Garden Village
Help create a positive and safe environment for many endangered species, many of which have been part of the darker side of Thailand's tourism trade.
Street Children Accra, Ghana Rainbow Garden Village
Our street children project helps children who have no access to education. You would provide important support to the existing local team to make an influential impact.
Penguin Sanctuary Cape Town, South Africa Rainbow Garden Village
By contributing at the penguin sanctuary, you work side by side with wildlife specialists and you'll be making a big impact on the conservation of this endangered species
National Park Assistant Thabazimbi, South Africa Rainbow Garden Village
Play a part in helping manage and document the life of endangered species, for scientists to then use the data and try and prevent us from losing these incredible beings.
Marine Animals Helper Plettenberg Bay, South Africa Rainbow Garden Village
Get involved in engaging work which will cover all sorts of animals, including whales, dolphins, turtles and help provide the essential support the project needs.
Kindergarten Helper Sriracha, Chonburi, Thailand Rainbow Garden Village
Help make a difference on the grounds of an eco-farm pre-school in Bang Phra and play a part in an influential time of the children's development.
Football Coach Accra, Ghana Rainbow Garden Village
The football coaching program is the perfect program for those looking to combine their athletic, football and social skills whilst making an impact in a new community.
Environmental & Conservation Assistant Axim, Ghana Rainbow Garden Village
See first-hand the devasting effect that plastic pollution can have across the world and help address these issues with our environmental protection programme.
Elephant Conservation Worker Phetchaburi, Thailand Rainbow Garden Village
Help make a difference to elephants who had previously been kept in poor conditions around the country, by creating a safe and comfortable environment for them.
Children's Kindergarten Assistant Cape Town, South Africa Rainbow Garden Village
Make an impact at a kindergarten project, where you are able to contribute towards creating a safe, positive and fun environment for the children here to learn and grow.

Project Details

Rainbow Garden Village specialises in volunteer placements across Africa & Asia and has been sending volunteers on impactful, life-changing trips since 1999.

RGV has been on an exciting journey, since our founder, Steffen, first coined the idea. It has gone from being a local project to help spur development in the region, to the huge volunteer and internship provider that it is today. With projects in numerous countries around Africa and Asia, Rainbow Garden Village has expanded to make an impact and provide support to projects in communities that really need it.

It all began with a taste for adventure and an idea! Our founder, Steffen, travelled to Ghana in 1999 for an internship abroad. This move had a lasting effect on his future career and helped create the path that RGV is on today. The hospitality and simple way of life had an impression on Steffen, which sparked his passion for the African continent.

In 2001, the first teaching students travelled with RGV to support schools in Ghana. Today, we include numerous other destinations with extensive volunteer projects and internships throughout. We have developed close and personal connections in Africa and Asia, and these have become very, very dear to us over the years. We are pleased that we are able to make a contribution to supporting people locally by enabling volunteers to make an impact in local communities.

Steffen began financing the core idea of Rainbow Garden Village and the educational projects started from there. Club foundations in Germany (2004) and Ghana (2005) were the precursors to becoming the wider RGV business it is today, which Steffen founded in 2011. It is now a tour operator for volunteer services and internships, which cover over 14 different countries and has now opened a UK arm of the business.

Currently, our UK team can help facilitate a number of placements in different countries, including Ghana, Thailand and South Africa. These countries have a wide range of needs covering different areas, such as environmental, social, wildlife and sport.

Contact a member of our UK team today to find out what project is best for you, and how you can make a little big change!

The main focus of the project is on
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Steffen Mayer
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

If you’ve decided that volunteering is your calling for your next trip, then you’ll be in for an unforgettable experience, as will the people you’ll help. You’ll receive the correct prep, carefully selected projects and a support structure to ensure you can have the best possible experience.

RGV pays special attention to sending volunteers away in the best possible way. You’ll have loads of personal advice from one of our experts, based on the 19+ years experience we’ve been operating across Africa and Asia. We also have on-site RGV teams in every country we work in, so you’ll be secure in the knowledge you’ve got people there to help you settle and deal with any issues you may have.

Social projects are some of the most influential that can be offered, and as such, RGV ensures that all social programmes last an absolute minimum of 4 weeks, which can go up to anything near a year. Through this, you’ll have plenty of time to build up trust, get to know the project well and find your area to make an impact. We make sure that you are there to support, and therefore not take jobs from the local community.

We also do not work with orphanage projects to ensure we can help protect the children. We pay close attention and adhere to strict guidelines for every project for the protection of children. We also have our animal protection projects carefully checked to ensure they meet the required criteria. Whatever you decide to do, you can be assured that RGV ensures that you'll have an incredible experience, contributing to a project that is ethically run, and for the benefit of the local community.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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