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Based in Cape Coast, we work within the local community filling in gaps they have. This includes in orphanages, schools, hospitals and social welfare offices.

What we do?

We take the needs of the community, led by community members, to create programs that fill the gaps needed in Orphanages, Hospitals, Schools, and Social Welfare offices in the Cape Coast region. We allow our volunteers to bring their knowledge and skills to ...

Review Description

What we do?

We take the needs of the community, led by community members, to create programs that fill the gaps needed in Orphanages, Hospitals, Schools, and Social Welfare offices in the Cape Coast region. We allow our volunteers to bring their knowledge and skills to begin to assist community leads in each project, from there, the volunteer's own skillset is expanded through cultural exchange. The injection of new knowledge and passion allows for the community leads and volunteers to work together to ensure a sustainable project that provides benefits a lot longer than a single volunteer stay.

Where we work?

We work in the Cape Coast Region of Ghana. Ghana, and especially Cape Coast is extremely safe and welcoming to foreigners. Ghanian culture is extremely welcoming to guests. We are also blessed to be based in one of the most picturesque regions of Ghana, directly on the Gulf of Guinea. Bursting with History, Cape Coast also home to the Cape Coast Castle and other historic monuments central to the story of Ghana.

Some vaccines are required, we suggest a consultation with a travel doctor pre-departure.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be guided and led by local needs and leaders in order to create a happier, superior Cape Coast Region, improving the community how those who live in the community see fit.

Our Goals

Our goals are constantly changing as we are inspired by those in our community and our volunteers spending time in our programs. The grass-roots nature of all of our programs makes the individual of the goals to the program. The overarching goal is clear, to lift those in our community desiring to make change up using the skills and abilities of our volunteers for sustainable change. The goal of our orphanage program is to make the daily lives of orphans in our community smoother so they can learn, play and develop. At the hospital, we have the goal of improving our local health care system through injecting knowledge and passion into existing gaps. In our schools, we have the goal of giving teachers a boost to improve their ability to educate our youth.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for passionate people who want to make a difference and know that their difference is sustainable and what the community actually needs. Volunteers who are looking to develop their skills through a process of cultural exchange, while bringing their own specialized skill set to the table.

Why Us? 

We not only provide our volunteers with a stressfree experience by ensuring our volunteers have a safe place to stay at our lodging house, as well have the meals and transport that they need. We also provide the unique opportunity to live and travel culturally like a Ghanian with our experienced travel guides on staff to guide volunteers every step of the way. We also ensure that our programs are lead by those who benefit from them and will continue to drive positive results, the community.  

Contact Person

Albrin Kanco

Spoken languages: German, English
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Volunteer With Ghana reviews

Niklas Trilse rating5.0

2023 at Street Kids Soccer

It was a very enjoyable time with all the nice people there. They integrated me there very fast and showed me about what they’re doing. I brought some ideas there and I really had the feelings that they’ve learnt from me. The host was great too, it was not downtown so it was a quite place where ...
Alessandro Frione rating5.0

2023 at Street Kids Soccer

My girlfriend and I recently had the privilege of spending two weeks in Cape Cost, Ghana, volunteering with the local NGO “Volunteering with Ghana” - it has been one of the most incredible experiences of our lives! The NGO's mission, their dedication to making a positive impact, and the ...
Michael Warren rating5.0

2023 at Street Kids Soccer

I had an incredible time volunteering with the "Street Kids Football" program in Cape Coast - it was one of the best trips I've ever taken in my life. Thank you to Albrin, James, Rocky, and Benjamin for making my experience special. They helped set me up with incredible volunteer opportunities and ...
Anthony Lee rating3.0

2023 at Orphanage Assistant

The Volunteer with Ghana experience will be one that I will never forget, I'll break down the experience in two parts The first part that is most important is that of the orphanage itself. I volunteered with an orphanage in Nkanfoa which is near Cape Coast. This is different from the orphanage that ...
Laura Lohmüller rating2.4

2023 at Teaching Hospital Assistant

Interesting experience but would recommend checking out other organizations. I met many other volunteers and „volunteer with Ghana“ is offering less for a mid-Range price, especially concerning the accommodation. It’s a run down colonial building, next to the biggest road in cape coast and ...
Mark Volkerijk rating4.8

2022 at Teaching Hospital Assistant

I am a medical doctor in the Netherlands and I tried to help my daughter to find a volunteer project or internship in Ghana. My daughter is now 17 years old and she wants to study medicin in the future. I did an internship in Ghana in 2001 myself and know the country and the people well. The ...

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