Support a Teacher Assistant at a daycare center Kwahu-Obomeng, Ghana You4Ghana e.V.
Support a nursery by playing, singing or doing handicrafts with the kids. Teach them the alphabet, how to count and the English language.
Assistant at our Youth Center Obo, Ghana You4Ghana e.V.
You4Ghana opened a Youth Center where the local kids can meet and do sports, play FIFA or do any other activities that you want to organise for and with them.
Support a Teacher Obo, Ghana You4Ghana e.V.
Teach in one of our partners schools. The number of pupils in the classes is often very high. Assist the teacher or design your own lessons.
Football Coach for the Red Lions Obomeng, Ghana You4Ghana e.V.
Volunteer as a football coach in Ghana and train the kids at the "Red Lion Soccer Academy". The Red Lions are a football club sponsored by You4Ghana.
Hospital Internship for Medical Students & Nurses Atibie, Ghana You4Ghana e.V.
During your internship you will go through the various wards of the hospital and learn about the Ghanaian health system.

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Project Details

You4Ghana offers socially committed people the opportunity to participate in volunteer projects in Ghana, while educating them about the Ghanaian culture and lifestyle.

Welcome to You4Ghana! We are happy you found your way to our page. We are offering socially committed people the opportunity to participate in volunteer projects in Ghana, while educating them about the Ghanaian culture and lifestyle.

According to our motto "Work & Grow", our aim is the long-term improvement of the quality of life of the people in our projects. We specifically focus on supplying people with clean drinking water, the construction of sanitation facilities, supporting the education sector, as well as working with children. At the same time it is important to us to create a dialogue between the volunteers and the residents. By working together in projects, both sides have a lot to learn from each other. Those who approach these people with respect will gain insight into a whole new world.

We own a volunteer house in which up to 20 volunteers can live together. For those who want to experience the Ghanaian culture and everyday life even more, we also offer accommodation in host families. Whatever you decide, one thing is certain: anyone who undertakes this journey with an open and tolerance attitude will have an unforgettable time and experience incredible things.

The main focus of the project is on
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Torben Pless
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Social Impact

We founded You4Ghana with the goal to provide real help to the people in our projects. Through our experiences with some of the big organizations, we realized that a lot of the money paid does not arrive where it is most needed. We also got the impression that the individual volunteer is only a number among many. The projects are located all over the country and many facilities get the support of volunteers at irregular intervals. Therefore, we have limited our projects to the village of Obomeng and the surrounding area. To ensure that volunteers can continuously be on-site, we keep the number of our projects within manageable limits. We hope that especially the children in our facilities grow up with a more open view of the world through the constant cultural exchange with the volunteers.

We also place great importance on the individual support of our volunteers. A trip to Ghana is a big step and it is very important to us that it is taken with the best possible preparation and no ambiguities. The many valuable experiences one gathers doing volunteer service in Ghana, can be very beneficial for the development of a young person’s mind. "Work & Grow" reflects our desire that both sides learn from each other and grow through this experience.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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