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Fronteering arranges volunteering programs related to wildlife and indigenous people in less visited places of this world as well as more unique destinations.

Fronteering arranges volunteering programs in some of the last frontiers of this world as well as more unique locations that other organizations ignore. From Field research programs in the Far north of Canada and Husky ranches in the Canadian Arctic to Amerindian community programs and wildlife ...

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Fronteering arranges volunteering programs in some of the last frontiers of this world as well as more unique locations that other organizations ignore. From Field research programs in the Far north of Canada and Husky ranches in the Canadian Arctic to Amerindian community programs and wildlife conservation in the Amazon Rainforest and everything in between.

Most of our programs Focus on either wildlife rehabilitation and release, wildlife conservation & research or involve local indigenous communities.

Fronteering currently offers programs in Canada, Guyana, USA, Australia, Brazil, Borneo, South Africa, Madagascar and Panama.

True good causes: FRONTEERINGS volunteer abroad projects are either existing local projects or projects that are build from the group up by FRONTEERING. What these projects have in common is that you will be supporting a true good cause! You will have the opportunity to help where the need is the greatest. Our projects focus on helping the local communities, wildlife, indigenous people and the environment in cooperation with the local/indigenous communities. We focus on true volunteer projects where your effort really makes a difference. That’s why through Fronteering you will rehabilitate injured & orphaned wildlife with the goal to release the animal. That is the reason why will not send you to some far southern country to cuddle with tame lions & tigers with any real purpose. If you want to volunteer abroad with a real purpose, contact us!

Safety: At FRONTEERING we do our outmost best to provide the safety measures needed for our Volunteer Abroad projects and Adventure Travel Trips. However due to the fact that many of our projects and trips involve wild animals and/or are in remote locations there is a small element of risk involved. Not all of our projects and trips are for the faint at heart however we do cater to those of all walks of life. If you are not too sure about the suitability of a Volunteer Abroad project or an Adventure Travel trip then feel free to ask as we are always ready to answer any questions or discuss any doubts that come to mind. For more information please check our Safety & In-country Support section before you volunteer abroad.

A real adventure: We do not want our volunteers to end up trying to safe or clean up some small patch of rainforest which in some places they might call a wilderness. Instead you will volunteer in the immense jungle of the Amazon rainforest or venture in to the vast Canadian wilderness! Our volunteer abroad projects are situated in the remote areas of the world and we focus on countries and regions with the lowest population densities. We at FRONTEERING focus on what works; from sleeping in the jungle underneath the stars with nothing more than your own private hammock to back-to-basic cabins in the northern tundra with a cozy smothering fireplace and no electricity! When you volunteer abroad with FRONTEERING you can be sure it will be adventure.

Off the beaten path: With FRONTEERING volunteer abroad projects you will venture to places less visited. We focus on places that are fairly undiscovered where the nature, wildlife and indigenous cultures are still common. You will have the great opportunity to see these amazing places while they are still unspoiled and pure. It is these places where there is the most to lose but even more to gain through successful conservation work and sustainable tourism. 

Community involvement: Foremost when volunteering abroad the well being of the community should come first. For all of our trips we use local guides, local transportation and local communities so that through sustainable tourism we can help to protect the environment, wildlife and sustain the way of life of indigenous cultures & communities. More and more and governments choose the long term benefit of sustainable tourism over the short term gain of mining and logging. A good example is Gabon which in 2002 after recommendations from environmental researchers set up 13 new national parks. The government of Guyana is currently considering protecting its entire rainforest region which still covers 80% of the country. Hopefully through our combined effort this dream will one day become true.

FRONTEERING specializes in organizing volunteer abroad projects to preserve the environment, wildlife and indigenous people throughout the world while giving the volunteers a real and raw experience in some of the most beautiful and often remote places in the world to make a true difference.

FRONTEERING strives to provide real off the beaten path volunteer abroad experiences worldwide that satisfy the need for volunteer projects that truly makes a difference for the environment, wildlife and indigenous people.


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Franziska rating4,4

2023 at Abandoned Pets Caretaker

I volunteered for three months at the Abby SPCA and had the time of my life! The people were the friendlies and most welcoming people I have met. The work with the animals was so much fun! My host family dropped me off at the SPCA at 9 am and picked me up at 1 pm again. I loved having time to chill ...
Peter Journey rating5,0

2023 at Abandoned Pets Caretaker

Going abroad and in particular volunteering was something I always regretted not doing when I was younger. When a opportunity did come up to take extended leave from work It took me a while to gather the courage to now fulfill my younger self's wish. Was I too old? Would I still fit in at this age? ...
Sebastian Thomasen rating3,6

2023 at Abandoned Pets Caretaker

I had a good stay at the SPCA. With a warm and welcoming staff that made me feel like I was a part of the team. I also had daily transportation from my homestay to the SPCA. But if you were going to the SPCA then I will ask organization if there is transport for you. My homestay was a good ...
Sophie Harmening rating4,8

2022 at Abandoned Pets Caretaker

I really had an amazing time staying in Canada. The communication with Fronteering Travel was good, and at no point I felt like I was getting no support. In the shelter itself I felt very welcome. Volunteering there, you have to be aware that it is not all about cuddeling with the pets, though there ...
Trev Bull rating5,0

2013 at Amazon Survival Tour Guide

I had a great experience in this program. Firstly this program is unique as it feels like your doing several programs at once as well as you stay in different places. Your main home base is in a nice homestay with a great family who is also the person who runs the survival trips. Then there is the ...
I was first slight nervous about this programme as I am not so young any more as some other volunteers that join these programmes. I am from Spain and always loved South America and had been to most countries there. I always heard about this hidden gem called Guyana but did not know much about this ...

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