Sustainable Living Camp Surf & Help - Marine Wildlife Conservation Guayaquil, Ecuador NGO Taxi
Pacific Coast of Ecuador: Surf, preserve nature and protect endangered marine wildlife. Let's get rid of plastic in our oceans!
Rescue Center for Trafficked Animals Guayaquil, Ecuador NGO Taxi
Pacific Coast of Ecuador: Volunteer at this devoted Animal Rescue Center in the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle and help combat widespread illegal animal trafficking.
Sustainable Living Camp Manta, Ecuador NGO Taxi
Pacific Coast of Ecuador: Understanding Sustainable Living Techniques While Volunteering on a Working Farm.

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NGO Taxi is partner for small organizations and individuals that have a strong social objective and are working hard to make a difference in their communities.

Our Organization

We work as international logistics, communications and service provider for humanitarian aid projects by supporting local, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), non-profit organizations (NPOs) and private development aid initiatives. All organizations we work with, are vetted to ensure they have high levels of accountability and transparency.

Our Commitment

We provide a platform through which organizations in Latin America can find the resources they need to achieve their goals, including people placement, technology and capacity building. This includes skilled manpower, relief items, construction materials, administrative, educational, environmental and medical support. Our commitment is to be an online advocate and agent of change.

Our Approach

NGO Taxi identifies projects in need. When a project has been approved to be accountable we send volunteers to support and work together with communities and supporters to identify issues and design sustainable solutions (e.g. micro finance initiatives). From beginning to end the entire life cycles of our projects – the identification process, the evaluation process and the monitoring of project locations and development aid initiatives – are documented.

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Social Impact

Our Goal

We give a voice to our partners’ projects by deploying a variety of media and platforms to make their causes visible globally. Our goal is to establish a far-reaching mobile communications platform for our partners that provides a running documentation throughout the countries of Latin America. We aim to facilitate greater understanding of local social issues to the benefit of both our projects and their supporters and thus make humanitarian aid initiatives understandable.

Our Vision

We are creating a growing network of like-minded individuals, organizations and supporters contributing to social and environmental change in Latin America that unites all stakeholders across borders for mutually beneficial exchange and knowledge-sharing.

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