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To develop, facilitate, promote and recognize voluntary activities all levels whilst ensuring that our projects. Contribute to sustainable development within the country.

About us

NVDP-Nepal is a not for Profit, non-religious, non- political, non -Governmental volunteer organization which offers a varity of community based volunteering placements. Volunteering abroad is a great travel tourism idea that has for reading impacts on both, the participants and the ones ...


About us

NVDP-Nepal is a not for Profit, non-religious, non- political, non -Governmental volunteer organization which offers a varity of community based volunteering placements. Volunteering abroad is a great travel tourism idea that has for reading impacts on both, the participants and the ones receiving the help, It is a great way to earn some good karma, hone one’s skills, learn new things and all of it while traveling to far flung locations. It is a great exposure, personally and professionally. Voluntary work is a unique way to spend your time abroad, as you can until you immerse yourself in its day to day life whilst doing in Nepal.

Our objectives:

  • To provide volunteers with an authentic Nepali experience that includes complete cultural immersion in local communities.
  • To developed the voluntary activities available in Nepal with the aim of enhancing existing possibilities and improving their quality.
  • To facilitate the socioeconomic development of communities in Nepal through our carefully designed volunteer projects.
  • To promote positive perception of Nepal through the development of cross-cultural relationship, shared experience and increased cultural awareness.
The Location: NVDP will work all over in Nepal wherever volunteer want to go work in Nepal NVDP will manage project and placement for volunteer.

Our team and history: Since 2015 NVDP work with local community in Nepal, clean up destroyed  from earthquake, Rebuild, relief for disaster victims and now NVDP will help to children for good education. NVDP will work with local and international volunteers and every volunteers will get involve easily to NVDP project in Nepal. Once volunteer join our social project they are become NVDP member.  

Who are we looking for? 

We are looking for local or international volunteers who work to our social project in Nepal. We give everyone to warm welcome who interest to work with us. and anyone can join our Program in Nepal.

Why choose us?

There is many reason to work with us but here is some top reason to volunteer with us: 
Our Team in Nepal is all Nepali people,so we are completely committed to helping our community and we invite you to join is in making a change for Nepal.

Promote community development without destroying traditional ways of life.

To provide education and training for community youths to encourage and create opportunity for self-employment.
To provide language lessons and cultural information for people who come to Nepal to study, conduct research and do voluntary work.

To introduce volunteers to the richness of nepali culture and ensure a safe and memorable stay in a supportive environment.
With We Volunteer Nepal you know for a fact that your money is going towards helping the community.

Our program run all the year round so we are extremely flexible for your plans. We also accept people traveling alone or in a large group.


Manju Chaudhary

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NVDP Volunteer Bewertungen

Samantha spanos rating5,0

2019 at Children Development Supporter

Nepal is picture square country full of nature , Himalaya , land scape ,jungles and river and which I never seen before land lock country . I am from Sydney Australia , I do a lot of busy in the Sydney and I had opportunity to travel south asia which I visit comodia , Thailand before I came of Nepal ...
Clair rating4,8

2019 at Children Development Supporter

Flying from Luxembourg small country for Europe to Nepal was long then expected but since t was arriving in Kathmandu airport which I saw many mountain and its very beautiful I am quite excited to visit Nepal and help to people . I got totally refresh when I saw while Himalaya like I felt ...
Simon rating5,0

2019 at Children Development Supporter

I absolutely loved my experience while I was in Nepal .I lived in chitwan south of Nepal . I and my wife volunteer for environment conservation in rural village . This was a once in a life time experience .I do be believe . We work with local community with group of people and we clean the village ...
Fiona rating4,6

2019 at Children Development Supporter

Going to Asia, Nepal was an incredible experience , and NVDP helped make that happen . The director of our program , Manju chandhary , was informed and very active in making sure that everyone in our group was happy and taken care of near to the end of trip. We got the opportunities to learn Nepal ...
Benjamine rating4,8

2019 at Children Development Supporter

I am 20 years old French women . I have start volunteer journey with NVDP volunteer organization in Nepal . I really like the way NVDP runs their website and they reply email quick which I fell better to ask question which t have , the co-coordinator will help very much to get information from the ...
Iryna Dubko rating4,8

2023 at English Teacher for Buddhist Monks

It was really great experience to take part in this project. You'll have an opportunity to dive into the culture of Nepal - this amazing, wonderful country, to watch total different life-style - life of monks, to communicate with interesting people. ..

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