Teaching English in local schools Teaching English in local schools Singburi, Thailand Jamso Trainee
Help the kids to learn English and open up a cultural exchange. Assist the teacher with their duties and play games with the kids.
Teach English Skills to local students in city Heredia (Santa Barbara), Costa Rica Jamso Trainee
Assist local teacher in Engish and help kids to improve their English skills. Be part of the Pura Vida and discover Costa Rica.
Elephant Project & Environmental Protection Chiang Mai, Thailand Jamso Trainee
Experience an unforgettable time in the north of Thailand with the largest land mammals of ours Earth!
Big Cat Sanctuary & rehabilitation centre Evander, South Africa Jamso Trainee
The project.. acts as a home to wild animals that are not able to be released back into the wild...
Support a Cat and Dog Shelter Uvita, Costa Rica Jamso Trainee
Help take care of street cats and dogs and support rescue activities in Costa Rica. Find a new home for helpless animals.
Veterinarian helpers Uvita, Costa Rica Jamso Trainee
Veterinarian project include hands-on experience in vaccinations, diagnosing, setting fractures, surgeries, and preventive care in one of the amazing place of this world.
Soccer Assistant Coach & Community Uvita, Costa Rica Jamso Trainee
Support training sessions with kids, girls and young people in a smaller beach city in Costa Rica. Kids in Costa Rica do love football and dream to get professional
Sea Turtles Conservation Cameronal, Costa Rica Jamso Trainee
Help Save Sea Turtles! The Sea Turtles are very important for the marine ecosystems and their extinction will make consequences!
Horse Caretaker and Farm Maintenance Chucuito, Peru Jamso Trainee
It is a great opportunity to work on a small farm, caring for animals and a perfect option for animal lovers who like to carring care of hourses, dogs, cats and chickens.
English Teacher different Levels in Center Seraya, Indonesia Jamso Trainee
Our project ensures that the children can go to regular schools. In addition, we offer extra lessons to the children, which are established together with a local team.
English Teacher close by the beach Uvita, Costa Rica Jamso Trainee
Assist local teacher in Engish and other languages like Frensh, German to help kids to improve their language skills. Be part of the Pura Vida and discover Costa Rica.

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Project Details

Jamso Trainee do help students finding volunteering projects and internships around the world.

Jamso Trainee has been placing volunteers around the world for over six years. We're passionate about making a difference in developing communities. Cause we are a smaller agency we stay always in a good communication to our volunteers and to the communites. For us it is important to find the right programm for your stay abroad. Don´t travel just like a tourst!


Jamso Trainee startet in December 2012 helping in communities in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is since now the county with the most interns, volunteers and travelers. 

Since 2013 Jamso Trainee started working with partners in Ecuador, Peru, South Afrika.

2015 we begin working with our partner Bali and Thailand.

Visiting projects and getting more relationshsips with local charities is a goal of each year. Jamso Trainee don´t increase too fast, because for us it is very important to hold long contacts and stay in a good communication with volunteers and projects.

The main focus of the project is on
Contact Person
Angela Schneider
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

As we are working since a long term with our partners, we do have a great communication between volunteers and projects. To be a volunteer meens that you help in the project but also you have the goal to gain experience in the field of your help. As well you will learn a lot about the culture, language and people about your choosen country.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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