Microfinance Assistant Saint-Louis, Senegal Aider Sans Frontières
Work with women from poor backgrounds or young male adults, who have grown up on the streets, helping them build their own companies and gain their economic independence.
Care and Education Volunteer Saint-Louis, Senegal Aider Sans Frontières
Work in a drop-in care centre for street children, run by knowledgeable locals, and help to care for and educate young children.
Personalized Teaching Assistant Kedougou, Senegal Adventure Volunteer
Support in teaching and learning through sports, singing, school review in a very nice environment with many children willing to give you a smile.
Medical Assistance in Health Centers dakar, Senegal Adventure Volunteer
General medical care for children attending the schools in which we collaborate and for members of the local communities.
Renovation and Construction Saint-Louis, Senegal Aider Sans Frontières
Make a lasting difference by renovating schools or refurbishing or building shelters for street children.
Empowerment with girls, young women and women Casamance, Senegal Adventure Volunteer
The volunteer has the opportunity to bring education and basic tools to the female population of the community, to give them the basis for an autonomous development.
Classroom refurbishment and maintenance Casamance, Senegal Adventure Volunteer
In this program the main objective is the conditioning of the home. The community most of the time does not have safe spaces for coexistence and education.

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