Empowerment of Immigrant Women and Youth Organic vegetable garden and educational reinforce Samaná, République dominicaine Adventure Volunteer
Empower vulnerable Dominican children, youth and women by promoting valuable life skills,like leadership, raising awareness of current problems, and creating safe spaces
Animal Rescue and Care Alajuela, Costa Rica Adventure Volunteer
Deforestation and animal trafficking in Costa Rica has rendered wildlife more vulnerable than ever. You can com help local nature regenerate and integrate back to nature.
Conservation and Protection of Sea Turtles Oaxaca, Mexique Adventure Volunteer
The aim is to raise awareness among the population near the beaches about the conservation and protection of endangered species.
Aid for migrants in vulnerable situations Apizaco Tlaxcala, Mexique Adventure Volunteer
Help protect the human rights of vulnerable migrant men, women, and children from Central America by supporting this Mexican migrant shelter
School reinforcement, teaching, and support Granada, Nicaragua Adventure Volunteer
Help Nicaraguan children from vulnerable backgrounds develop their skills and knowledge by supporting them in their education through teaching, and reviewing.
Elephant care and protection Chiang Mai, Thaïlande Adventure Volunteer
Help abused elephants recover and develop in a healthy environment by supporting them on their daily needs.
Culture, Sport and Community Development Cartagena, Colombie Adventure Volunteer
The project aims to keep children and young people active and away from gangs while making good use of their free time.
Constructing and rebuilding schools Kathmandu, Népal Adventure Volunteer
Help children from vulnerable communities access education again and get empowered by rebuilding schools wrecked during earthquakes
Personalized Attention in Teaching Dakar, Sénégal Adventure Volunteer
Support in teaching and learning through sports, singing, school review in a very nice environment with many children willing to give you a smile.
Support children with learning difficulties Zacatelco, Mexique Adventure Volunteer
Help children with learning difficulties in Tlaxcala, Mexico, acquire new skills and develop by providing them sensory stimulation and other didactic activities.
Productive Courtyard Assistant Cartagena, Colombie Adventure Volunteer
This project seeks to alleviate food needs, based on food security programs that guarantee beneficiary families a new healthy food alternative for the family.
Assistant in Care Centers for children Kathmandu, Népal Adventure Volunteer
Support orphaned children and children in vulnerable positions, from ages between 5 and 18. This support is needed to help children develop emotionally and cognitively.
Teach and support children with special needs Santo Domingo, République dominicaine Adventure Volunteer
Help empower children with special needs from vulnerable backgrounds by providing them with good education and valuable life skills.
Medical Assistance in Health Centers Dakar, Sénégal Adventure Volunteer
General medical care for children attending the schools in which we collaborate and for members of the local communities.
Assist Empowered Women Jaipur, Inde Adventure Volunteer
Women are taught basic literacy skills. They are educated on various topics such as reproductive health, family life education, family planning.
Medical care and assistance Cusco, Pérou Adventure Volunteer
Community health activities carried out in communities in Cusco, Peru through volunteering.
Teach vulnerable children Kathmandu, Népal Adventure Volunteer
This program is focused in helping children from low income backgrounds, orphans,and children in monasteries access education, which is essential to their development
Teaching English to Thai buddhist monks Chiang Mai, Thaïlande Adventure Volunteer
Get to know Buddhist monasteries first hand by helping monastery schools in teaching English.
Teaching and reinforcement Cusco, Pérou Adventure Volunteer
Help Peruvian children and youth from vulnerable communities get empowered through education and recreation.
Create school orchards Zacatelco, Mexique Adventure Volunteer
Create awareness for the environment, a safe place for youth and children, and promote social and human skills in Mexican communities
Child care support centers Chiang Mai, Thaïlande Adventure Volunteer
Help orphaned children or children from low-income households have a better quality of life through helping in their education, leisure, and development-
Empower Young Mothers Nairobi, Kenya Adventure Volunteer
Through this volunteering program, you can help young Kenyan mothers fight systematic and cultural barriers that prevent them from being successful.
Support in local hospitals Kathmandu, Népal Adventure Volunteer
Put in practice your knowledge and learn a lot more while also supporting the functioning of Nepali hospitals.
Teaching, school reinforcement & special needs Chame, Panama Adventure Volunteer
Provide personalised educational support to children from vulnerable backgrounds, in order to maximise every children's personal growth and their skill development.
Teaching and School support Nairobi, Kenya Adventure Volunteer
Help bring quality education to Kenyan children and youth, the most vulnerable and most affected by current social issues like poverty.
Youth empowerment Kathmandu, Népal Adventure Volunteer
An ideal country for an international volunteer experience. With a multidimensional heritage that manifests itself in music, dance and art.
Education and school reinforcement Zacatelco, Mexique Adventure Volunteer
Promote the learning of children from Tlaxaca, Mexico, by giving classes, supporting local teachers in theirs, and giving individual reinforcement to students who need it
Cultural exchange indigenous communities Veracruz, Panama Adventure Volunteer
Promote participation and learning through spaces for effective participation in the community, contributing to a sense of personal fulfillment and social responsibility.
Support and teach at local kids' dining room Tegucigalpa, Honduras Adventure Volunteer
Help transmit your knowledge and give maintenance and support to the places where vulnerable children study, so that they can access education.
Sea Turtle Conservation and Protection San Jose, Costa Rica Adventure Volunteer
Help protect the nests of the threatened turtle species that come yearly to these areas in Costa Rica, while also getting a memorable and impacting experience.
Youth and Community support Jaipur, Inde Adventure Volunteer
Provide equal opportunity for children to receive education, health, nutrition and skills development to generate better opportunities.
Agriculture and livestock support Kotdanda (कोतडाँडा), Népal Adventure Volunteer
Support vulnerable families in Nepal obtain basic food items by supporting in local agricultural and livestock initiatives. Additionally, help children in the community.
Sea Turtles in Panama Cities in Veraguas, Panama Adventure Volunteer
Help local turtle populations prosper by spreading awareness about them in nearby communities, protecting them, and creating an adequate environment for them to exist in.
Empower Vulnerable Mothers and Young Women Granada, Nicaragua Adventure Volunteer
Help women from vulnerable areas in Nicaragua access better opportunities in life by providing them with new skills and tools to achieve success.
Female Leadership Empowerment Cusco, Pérou Adventure Volunteer
Help empower Quechua girls and women from vulnerable backgrounds through workshops and initiatives to share important skills.
Art Teacher and Cultural Immersion Bilbao, Espagne Adventure Volunteer
Volunteering in Bilbao means having a great immersion in Spanish culture, southern Europe offers you incredible moments where you can improve your English.
Local Medical Supporter Jaipur, Inde Adventure Volunteer
The main objective of the medical program in India is to provide some of the population living in rural areas and slums of Jaipur with basic medical care.
Teach English to Thai children Chiang Mai, Thaïlande Adventure Volunteer
Help children get empowered and have more opportunities in their future by giving the useful tool English is.
Solidarity camp Assistant Ouarzazate, Maroc Adventure Volunteer
Help create a space for children to feel comfortable in, so that they can develop adequately, while also providing them with valuable life skills like English or French.