Football Academy Support Primary School Support In Rural Kwahu Mountains Abetifi, Ghana Atlas Volunteers
With total flexibility you will be able to choose from helping at a lower primary class up to secondary school. Provide support and assistance to struggling classes!
Reforestation and Afforestation in Kwahu Mountains Abetifi, Ghana Atlas Volunteers
Combat climate change and the affects of deforestation by growing seedlings, planting trees and working alongside the local communities on educational outreaches.
Sea Turtle Conservation Cape Three Points, Ghana Atlas Volunteers
Protect endangered sea turtles along the Ghana coastline. Working on nesting sites and beach patrols whilst experiencing beautiful surroundings in your free time.
English Teacher in Rural Schools Abetifi, Ghana Atlas Volunteers
Help out in schools to assist with the teaching and understanding of the English language. Providing a strong foundation for the children to develop.
Kindergarten & Nursery Support Abetifi, Ghana Atlas Volunteers
Providing assistance to kindergarten classes where teachers struggle with large numbers of students. Supporting the basic foundations of education in the children.
Sports Development and Coaching Abetifi, Ghana Atlas Volunteers
Run a variety of sports focused programs from physical education lessons in school, after school sports clubs to coaching local academy teams.
Building & Painting Team Abetifi, Ghana Atlas Volunteers
Improving local facilities by renovating unsafe structures and creating positive learning environments through painting and creative wall displays.
Football Academy Support Abetifi, Ghana Atlas Volunteers
Assist at a local youth football/soccer academy to help grow and nurture the local children's talent and passion for the game.
Plastic Upcycling & Community Cleanup Abetifi, Ghana Atlas Volunteers
Help the fight against plastic waste by community cleanups, producing ecobricks and creating upcycled products from plastic waste.
Reading Skills & Tutoring Abetifi, Ghana Atlas Volunteers
Arrange reading clubs and tutoring sessions across different classes and schools to enhance the children's english language and reading skills.
Community Farm Assistant Abetifi, Ghana Atlas Volunteers
Lend a hand to rural farmers on their personal and community farms to assist small scale farmers in need of a helping hand.
French Teaching Support in Rural Schools Abetifi, Ghana Atlas Volunteers
As a new addition to the curriculum our linked schools need support with French teaching and tutoring. Help run French classes and small tutoring sessions.
African Grey Parrot Conservation Cape Three Points, Ghana Atlas Volunteers
Help with conservation efforts of the endangered African Grey Parrot. Carrying out daily tasks of the rehabilitation aviary, patrols and community awareness.

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Atlas Volunteers is an NGO providing low cost, meaningful volunteer placements in rural Ghana.

Who We Are?

We're a team of British and Ghanaian volunteers and philanthropists aiming to develop the rural area of Kwahu in the Eastern Region of Ghana. We met whilst volunteering across various organisations in Ghana starting from 2010 and added to the team until 2017 when we established Atlas ourselves to make a direct impact with meaningful, low cost volunteering programs.

What We Do?

Our volunteer team and support coordinators work directly with our local community partners to help make an impact and leave the world a better place than we found it. Our team work across

  • Education - including school support, tutoring sessions, reading clubs and vacation classes.
  • Sports - Football academy, physical education lessons and school sports days.
  • Renovation - Constructing and maintenance of unsafe school buildings as well as decorating and improvements.
  • Eco Projects - including reforestation, plastics upcycling and community cleanups.
  • Community - farm assistant and health insurance drives.
  • Conservation - sea turtle conservation and beach patrols.

Where We Work?

Our main flagship program is based at the Abetifi district in the Eastern Region of Ghana. It holds the highest habitable town in Ghana upon a mountainous area so we have the benefit of a cooler overall temperature especially on the evenings and mornings. The volunteer house is in one of the towns close to Abetifi called Aduamoah. Abetifi is our closest larger town just a few minutes drive where there are banks, shops, market etc. The volunteer programs you will be visiting will be spread from the towns to just twenty minutes down the road on the road to Lake Volta (the largest man made lake in the world) where we work with remote villages to strengthen their facilities and improve their way of life. Life is fairly laid back in the area and time is soon spent chatting with people in passing and visiting friends. The Kwahu area has an extremely low crime rate and volunteers are given the chance and encouraged to explore the local towns alone or in groups with our team.

We also run our sea turtle conservation project at Cape Three Points between September - March each year during the nesting season. Cape Three Points is a complete contract to Abetifi where it's a tiny rural village but benefits from the most amazing beach and forest views.

Our History

Although indvidually we have experience for many years with volunteering programs we have just came together at the start of 2017 under the branding of Atlas Volunteers. Now in 2023 we are the largest volungeer organisation operating soley in Ghana and continue our mission of community development, environmental protection and conservation across as much of Ghana as possible.

Our Mission

We aim to improve the lives primarily of the population of the Kwahu East district of Ghana. Initially focusing on education, youth development and health we will move to adult welfare and social enterprises. Aiming to provide quality, constant education to the youth and a chance of employment or self development to the rest of the adult population.

Who Are We Looking For?

We are looking for flexible, caring volunteers who have the drive to not only help but to familiarise themselves with the local culture and characters. We advise longer placements as it gives us and yourself a greater chance to get stuck into a program however we understand that short terms are sometimes prefered especially when visiting Africa or volunteering for the first time.

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Social Impact

What Is Our Social Impact?

Atlas Volunteers we aim to have a positive social impact on deprived communities by providing quality education in a safe environment, supplying learning materials to all students and improving local healthcare and their faciltiies.

What Have We Done So Far?

Construction -
The building of three school blocks to provide a safe learning environment to classes that were previously based outside or under the shelter of trees. These projects were completed at Atibie, Suminakese and Hweehwee. In addition to the building of these new schools, we have continously renovate and decorate a number of schools across the Abetifi district each year ensuring that as many children as possible have an engaging and presentable classroom they can call their own and be proud of.

Education -
Each week we run around 100 individual reading club sessions where students that are struggling get one to one support to help with their basics and focus on phonetics and word structure. In addition we also run a number of creative arts, french, sports and english lessons with a focus on creative and practical elements in a number of schools across the district.

Sports -
Our social contribution funds a sports academy for the children of Abetifi where they can attend without any expenses and all the coaching and equipment is provided free of charge, this enables families from all walks of life access to sports and team building skills whilst also providing a childcare element for many traders and farmers.

Sea Turtle Conservation -
Our first nesting season between 2022-23 we protected and released hundreds of endangered and vulnerable sea turtle hatchlings safely back into the ocean whilst bringing much needed tourism and development to this coastal village. For our next season we are aiming to expand our beach patrols to protect an even greater number of turtles whilst expanding our conservation base to bring development and employment opportunities to a community living under the poverty line.

Reforestation -
Each year we plant hundreds of native trees across the Abetifi district working on two major sites of the Abetifi forest reserve and Kotoso-Tafo Lake Volta road with our partners at the foresty commission as well as sharing and planting a number of fruit trees in our partnered schools in the area.

Who Do We Help?

We are primarily focusing on helping and improving the lives of the Kwahu East district. It is a semi-rural part of Ghana with a population of around 77,000. The most common occupation of people is Traders and Farmers which often bring at the lower end of the income scale. Day to day life in the remote villages can be tough with no electricty in areas, no running water however their positivity and enthusiasm for education will put a smile on anyones face. Our main decision for basing in this area is during our first time volunteering we fell in love with the place, people and the way of life which we hope that many more people can come and experience our home away from home.

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