Ecuador Medical Volunteers Quito, Ecuador Plan My Gap Year
As a medical student, witness a healthcare system unlike your own. A new insight into traditional beliefs will leave you amazed and cultured.
Public Health Care Assistant Quito, Ecuador South America Inside
Join our vibrant project where aspiring medical students, dedicated nurses, and nursing interns come together to make a meaningful impact in the public hospital! 👩‍⚕️
Healthcare Worker in a Multidisciplinary Center Cuenca, Ecuador Foundation Local Dreamers
As a volunteer or intern you can provide medical care at in a prestigious institution, where you can work in different roles with professionals helping you on the way.
Medicine & Public Health Internship Guaranda, Ecuador El Terreno
A hands-on, personalised internship to build medical experience & help low-income communities live healthy lives through public health initiatives & health centre support
Psychologist Intern Quito, Ecuador South America Inside
Look outside the box, help disadvantaged people. This help is extremely important, especially in an environment of poverty, and often violence and addiction problems.
Medical Hospital Intern Quito, Ecuador Love Volunteers
Assist in a local hospital and experience the different aspects of the medical field in Ecuador. Monitor, observe and help when possible to help those in need.

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