Supporting Disabled Children Dehli, India Plan My Gap Year Agentschap | Plan My Gap Year
This is a fantastic project for anyone interested in contributing to the lives of children with learning difficulties in a country packed with natural beauty.
Educate Slum and Street Children Jaipur, India SHRESTHA NGO | SHRESTHA
Experience our colourful Indian culture and teach children and women a range of different subjects.
English Language Teaching Assistance Uttar Pradesh, India World Without Obstacles NGO | World Without Obstacles
To strengthen and improve English education. To extend the hygiene & health program.
Educate & Mentor Children Gorubathan, India Himalayan Media Welfare Soc. NGO | Himalayan Media Welfare Soc.
Volunteers can help to teach and mentor underprivileged children at schools. Experience education in India.
English Teaching Apprentice Delhi, India Plan My Gap Year Agentschap | Plan My Gap Year
Use your creativity and enthusiasm to help children in primary and secondary schools in India to reach their full potential by teaching them English.
English Teaching Instuctor Dharamsala, India Pari Voluntourism Solutions NGO | Pari Voluntourism Solutions
English teaching instructors will work in schools and organize various activities for the children to improve their understanding and knowledge of the English language.
Elementary Education for Kids Agra, India PRAYAAS Foundation NGO | PRAYAAS Foundation
Volunteers shall opt for 4-16 weeks programs. They shall devote minimum 6 Hrs to teaching English, Crafts, Music, Geography, Civics etc to kids.
English Teacher for Himalayan Mountain Students Dharamsala, India iSpiice NGO | iSpiice
Inspire students to improve their English skills as a volunteer in India. You will work with our partner institutions and on independent projects in Dharamsala.
Teaching & Mentoring Support Jaipur, India Volunteering With India (VWI) NGO | Volunteering With India (VWI)
This program is about to provide education facilities in rural slums and villages near around Jaipur
Teacher in Rural Villages Dharamsala, India Pari Voluntourism Solutions NGO | Pari Voluntourism Solutions
Teacher in rural villages work as a tutor and teach local children who can't afford good education due to their economic situation.
English Teacher for Underprivileged Children Kolkata, India SMILE Society, India NGO | SMILE Society, India
SMILE language Teaching Project is an effort to teach foreign languages to underprivileged Children.
Refugee Children Caretaker Kolkata, India SMILE Society, India NGO | SMILE Society, India
Helping Children from the refugee families of India to get basic education,vocational and hygienic training & taking care of these kids is the most important activity.
English & Special Education Teacher Sikkim, India Global Nomadic Agentschap | Global Nomadic
Teaching placement in a school working alongside local teachers and support staff. Flexible placement, tailored according to your interests and abilities.
Education Developer Deogarh, India people and places NGO | people and places
This program offers volunteers a genuinely rich heritage experience while they work to support primary education in some of the economically poor villages of Rajasthan.
Computer & Communication Skills Teacher Dharamsala, India iSpiice NGO | iSpiice
Join us to teach computer skills to students at local schools and centres. Show them that with regular use, computers are fun and easy!
Teach and Assist in English Education Jaipur, India Love Volunteers Agentschap | Love Volunteers
Provide English skills to children in Jaipur and improve their future prospects.
After School Group & Summer Camp Supporter Dharamsala, India iSpiice NGO | iSpiice
iSpiice run After School Groups and Summer Camps (for ages 4-16) which are a great way to work with the children of Dharamsala in less formal settings.

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