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Your Extra Layer of Security
Napoli, Italy International Napoli Network-Logo by International Napoli Network
4 - 24 weeks
You'll work in the smallest Natural Protected Area of Europe: a historical area with an archaeological site with roman ruins at the borders of the city.
Las Tolas, Ecuador Un poco del Chocó-Logo by Un poco del Chocó
4 - 24 weeks
Volunteers help us with trail maintainance in the reserve, organic gardening, carpentry and daily tasks like cooking ,refilling bird feeders and more.
Nuweiba, Egypt Habiba -Logo by Habiba
2 - 12 weeks
Discover Bedouin lifestyles, new desert agriculture techniques, giving back to the community & exchanging cultural experiences.There is so much to learn as a volunteer!
Kathmandu, Nepal Third Eye Foundation-Logo by Third Eye Foundation
2 - 20 weeks
Agricultural volunteer program will give you an opportunity to live together with a local host farmer family, learn about agricultural practices
Mukono, Uganda The Real Uganda-Logo by The Real Uganda
2 - 12 weeks
Help a small community in Uganda's Mabira Rainforest to farm efficiently in order to achieve food security. Live in the rainforest and explore Uganda.
Kumasi, Ghana Samba Africa Voluntary Organization (SAVO)-Logo by Samba Africa Voluntary Organization (SAVO)
4 - 50 weeks
Farming project is designed for those volunteers who enjoy the more physical aspect of volunteering and don’t mind getting their hands dirty.
Darjeeling, India Petrichor Farms-Logo by Petrichor Farms
2 - 4 weeks
Volunteering can comprise of work like building, feeding the cows, weeding, gardening, mulching, fencing, mending, repair work, cooking, studio work.
Granada Cundinamarca Bogotá , Colombia Varsana Eco Aldea Yoga Village -Logo by Varsana Eco Aldea Yoga Village
1 - 30 weeks
Our program is designed especially for those who want to experience the life of an eco village, engage in sustainable activities such as organic farming and much more.
Luanda, Western Kenya, Kenya VACK jitolee Africa-Logo by VACK jitolee Africa
5 - 30 weeks
Volunteers needed to assist in the process of empowerment of a community group through teaching of modern agricultural skills
Patagonia, Chile South America Inside-Logo by South America Inside
5 - 5 weeks
Reforestation, maintenance of trails, carpentry, environmental education, working in the garden, support campaigns and scientific studies
Iporanga, Brazil IPBio - Reserva Betary-Logo by IPBio - Reserva Betary
2 - 50 weeks
Conduct a tree inventory of the reserve to understand the species and check the well-being of our forest.
Rosário da Limeira, Brazil Iracambi-Logo by Iracambi
8 - 12 weeks
Join us and make a lasting difference! Gain firsthand experience in agro-forestry, tree planting, reforestation and contribute to forest conservation.
Iporanga, Brazil IPBio - Reserva Betary-Logo by IPBio - Reserva Betary
2 - 50 weeks
Help our biologists perform monitoring and research of wildlife. Tasks can range from setting up cameras for mammals in the forest to reproducing insects in the lab.
Cartago, Costa Rica first hand Costa Rica-Logo by first hand Costa Rica
2 - 12 weeks
Come to develop a special skill - experience living with nature!
Iporanga, Brazil IPBio - Reserva Betary-Logo by IPBio - Reserva Betary
2 - 50 weeks
Our gardener, Rafael, always needs help maintaining the grounds, trails, animal enclosures, vegetable patches and the microclimate greenhouse.
Cahuita, Costa Rica first hand Costa Rica-Logo by first hand Costa Rica
3 - 12 weeks
Planting trees, maintaining pathways ... horseback riding through the rainforest - doesn't that sound like paradise? You're right in the middle of it!
Isla Isabela , Ecuador New Horizons Ecuador-Logo by New Horizons Ecuador
4 - 12 weeks
In this project, volunteers will help in area of conservation of endemic plants and animals of the Galapagos islands.
Iporanga, Brazil IPBio - Reserva Betary-Logo by IPBio - Reserva Betary
12 - 50 weeks
Searching for new species of bioluminescent mushrooms, photographing them and finding conditions for cultivation.
Itacaré, Brazil ETIV do Brasil-Logo by ETIV do Brasil
4 - 24 weeks
Gain hands on conservation experience working with an international NGO while gaining transferable skills and experiencing life in beautiful Itacaré.
Lobitos, Peru EcoSwell-Logo by EcoSwell
2 - 14 weeks
Learn how to run a sustainable development NGO operating in the northern town of Lobitos, whilst improving the local environment and quality of life of residents.

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