Building an Outdoor Activity Camp Ghyalchok, Nepal Best Adventure Nepal Non-profit | Best Adventure Nepal
Help to build an outdoor activity camp
Adventure Trip & Day Care Kathmandu, Nepal Volunteering Solutions Agency | Volunteering Solutions
A specially designed 3 weeks program, offering a unique blend of some meaningful volunteer work and exciting travel adventures.
Real Asia Experience Kathmandu, Nepal Plan My Gap Year Agency | Plan My Gap Year
Visit Nepal, India and Sri Lanka on a 12 week long tour while making a social impact!
Local Village Support & Trekking Kathmandu, Nepal The Massif Projects for Nepal Non-profit | The Massif Projects for Nepal
The program is about volunteering in local villages of Nepal to help disaster victims people as well as travelling in the Himalayas.
Local Adventure Week kathmandu, Nepal Involvement Volunteers IVI Non-profit | Involvement Volunteers IVI
A rewarding and unforgettable Nepalese experience with a week of hiking, rafting and jungle activities in Nepal!
2-week Everest trekking + 2-week volunteer on Farm kathmandu, Nepal Third Eye Foundation Non-profit | Third Eye Foundation
2 weeks Everest base camp trek and two weeks volunteer program of your choice for better Nepal experience and more meaningful contribution. Make difference on the Way.
Teaching, Travel & Cultural Exchange Kathmandu, Nepal Indra Foundation Non-profit | Indra Foundation
Explore Nepal and Homestay in Nepal. Meet local People and make a Difference in Life by helping the local grassroots communities in Nepal!
Everest Base Camp Trek & Community Support Kathmandu, Nepal Involvement Volunteers IVI Non-profit | Involvement Volunteers IVI
Combine a 2 week trek to Everest base camp with volunteering in Kathmandu. Suspension bridges, raging rivers and some of the best scenery in the world awaits you.
Disaster Relief & Everest Trekking Experience Kathmandu, Nepal GIVE Volunteers Agency | GIVE Volunteers
Nowhere else on the planet can you climb higher, dream bigger and better witness the resilience of humanity than amongst these Himalayan giants and the mosaic of cultures
Disaster Relief & The Tibetan Frontier Kathmandu , Nepal GIVE Volunteers Agency | GIVE Volunteers
Trek through the Himalayan giants to the remote community of Langtang. Nowhere else can you climb higher and dream bigger.

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