Childcare Helper San José, Costa Rica Plan My Gap Year
Despite the high levels of education and standard of living in Costa Rica, profound poverty still affects families. Help their children to get attention and care.
Education & Childcare Supporter Oaxaca, Mexique Love Volunteers
Help to break the poverty cycle by providing teaching support, taking care of the children and helping with fundraising and research projects.
Assistant in Childcare Antigua, Guatemala South America Inside
Engage yourselves against the child poverty in Guatemala and give your love to impoverished children!
Kindergarten Assistant Teacher Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica Involvement Volunteers IVI
Work alongside local organisations to help children coming from underprivileged backgrounds, where they may have come from a home with little nurturing, or poverty.
Support Day Care Centers Antigua, Guatemala South America Inside
Become a Volunteer at a day care center and support teachers with daily tasks! Organize activities and take care of babies and children!
Work in a Daycare Center San Jose , Costa Rica South America Inside
Do you love working with children? Help out at a day care center where you can organize activities and be a positive influence for children from low-income families.
Social Childcare San Ramón, Costa Rica Integrated Learning Experience
Work with children in Costa Rica in low income daycare centers or orphanages.
Childcare Development Assistant Antigua, Guatemala Love Volunteers
Assist the local staff with day-to-day tasks, teaching and playing with the disadvantaged children.
Childcare Help Guatemala, Guatemala Integrated Learning Experience
This program is designed to help children who need it the most. Work with children in Guatemala in low-income daycare centers and orphanages.
Childcare Support and Assistance ANTIGUA, guatemala, Guatemala Involvement Volunteers IVI
Work at local day-care centres and after school programs, helping understaffed facilities and providing support for the local childcare workers.

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