Women's Empowerment Worker Arusha, Tanzanie Siret Volunteers
Working with a women's project for single mothers to become trained, empowered and independent. Volunteer to help continue this amazing project!
Community and Women's Empowerment Supporter Nungwi, Zanzibar, Tanzanie Jamso Trainee
Help improving women´s lives through your skills, eduaction and help them to acquire various skills that they can live an independent life.
Womens Empowerment - Business, Education & Refugee Arusha, Tanzanie Fursa Projects Tanzania
Empower young women in Tanzania through education, business development, and gender support. Volunteer in Tanzania for impactful change in gender rights.
Maasai Girls Rescue House & Empowerment Arusha, Tanzanie Siret Volunteers
Join to help this incredible NGO provide empowerment to Maasai girls in Tanzania rescued from forced early marriage and FGM get safety and finish their education.
Women Rescue Home Arusha, Tanzanie Giving Hands Tansania
You want to make an impact in minimizing health risks like HIV? Educate girls on sensitive topics like having safer sex and help them escape abuses or young marriages?
Women's Empowerment Community Outreach Arusha, Tanzanie Medi Trip
Work alongside an NGO to help with home visits and community care to women with most complex social issues. An intensive placement requiring dedicated volunteers.
Empowering Women and Girls Arusha, Tanzanie Natembelea Africa V Residence
This is an empowerment program based in Tanzania. The mamas and girls come from some truly heart-breaking backgrounds, including being shamed for being HIV positive.
Empowering local women Arusha, Tanzanie Love Volunteers
Motivate, encourage and educate local women to provide for themselves and their families in meaningful and fulfilling ways. Help to break cycles of inequality and poverty
Support Women Initiatives Dar es Salaam, Tanzanie Art In Tanzania
Art in Tanzania supports and develops village women's initiatives. The main focus is vocational training initiatives such as English and entrepreneurship training.
HIV/AIDS and Widows Encouragement Arusha, Tanzanie Viva Tanzania
Empower widows and women affected by HIV to cultivate better lives for themselves and their families.
Women's Development & Empowerment Advocate Arusha, Tanzanie Siret Volunteers
Volunteer to work with a women's project providing vocational training and developing local women's small businesses to become not reliant on charity and independent.
Women's Education and Empowerment Supporter Arusha, Tanzanie Viva Tanzania
Improve women's lives through education and help them to acquire various skills. Teach English, create business plans and educate!

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