School Teacher in Local Area Abetifi, Ghana Atlas Volunteers Agence | Atlas Volunteers
With total flexibility you will be able to choose from helping at a lower primary class up to secondary school. Providing support and assistance to struggling classes.
Help our Rural Students with English Practice Hanoi, Viêt Nam Athena English Agence | Athena English
Teaching English and enjoy peaceful life in our town
Teaching English in Schools Khao Lak, Phang Nga, Thaïlande Volunteer Teacher Thailand Non lucratif | Volunteer Teacher Thailand
Use ready made lessons designed to follow the Thai National Curriculum and give a focus to your teaching.
Assist With Childcare & Activities Accra, Ghana Dream Africa Care Foundation Non lucratif | Dream Africa Care Foundation
Caring for children in our orphanage with assisting them in their daily life, aged between 1 month and 18 years.
Teaching English to Monks Kathmandu, Népal Plan My Gap Year Agence | Plan My Gap Year
Live in a Nepalese Buddhist monastery teaching monks English and learning about their way of life. It's a very unique, life affirming opportunity, you should not miss.
Alternative English Class Teacher Bangkok, Thaïlande Volunteer English Bangkok Non lucratif | Volunteer English Bangkok
Volunteer as a teacher for our village student and learn about our culture!
After School Teaching Windhoek, Namibie Bernhard Nordcamp Center Agence | Bernhard Nordcamp Center
Volunteers are welcome to teach English or maths, be tutors for individual students or small groups, coach sports, help to prepare lunch and play games with children.
Crèche & Nursery Teacher Abetifi, Ghana Atlas Volunteers Agence | Atlas Volunteers
Providing assistance to nursery/creche classes where teachers struggle with large numbers of students. Supporting the basic foundations of education in the children.
Building & Painting Team Abetifi, Ghana Atlas Volunteers Agence | Atlas Volunteers
Improving local facilities by renovating unsafe structures and creating positive learning environments through painting and creative wall displays.
Teaching Buddhist Monks in Monastery Kathmandu, Népal We Volunteer Nepal Non lucratif | We Volunteer Nepal
Volunteer to teach english to young buddhists in a monastery in Nepal! Use this unique opportunity to help and learn about the fascinating life in a monastery
Teaching at Primary School Cape Town, Afrique du Sud Stay Africa Volunteers Non lucratif | Stay Africa Volunteers
Volunteer with children aged 6-13 years as a teacher's assistant at a primary school in Cape Town. Make your travel to South Africa meaningful!
English Class Teacher Trujillo, Pérou Peru Vivential Non lucratif | Peru Vivential
Help teaching English to local children and get involved in the peruan culture.
Help the Street Children New Delhi, Inde Volunteering Solutions Agence | Volunteering Solutions
Spend some quality time and contribute for the overall development and welfare of unfortunate children, who lived on streets, but now are given shelter by local NGOs.
Teaching And Childcare Supporter Accra, Ghana Dream Africa Care Foundation Non lucratif | Dream Africa Care Foundation
You can either teach preschool or the primary school. But you can also work as a care giver in the nursery and crèche
Supporter for Children's Education Valencia, Espagne Volunteering Solutions Agence | Volunteering Solutions
Contribute towards the welfare of children from poor communities in the society and help them with their education. This is a great opportunity to support child education
Teach English in an NGO Pre- and Primary School Kerobokan, Indonésie Bali Internships Agence | Bali Internships
Assist the local teacher in this NGO pre-school in Kerobokan, Bali.
Volunteer for Teaching English & Cultural Exchange Hanoi, Viêt Nam VCV Vietnam Non lucratif | VCV Vietnam
Building Community through teaching English, exchanging cultures and giving charity with VCV Vietnam.
Island Teaching & School Development Support Fiji Nadi, Fidji Involvement Volunteers IVI Non lucratif | Involvement Volunteers IVI
A truly unique, raw and exclusive local Fijian experience! This Island lies in the outer regions of the Mamanuca Islands, approximately 1 hour fast ferry from mainland.