Migrants and Refugees Integration Support Napoli, Italy International Napoli Network Agency | International Napoli Network
Help the refugee and migrant community gain a foothold in Europe by helping in shelters, educating, health care and activities tailored to their long-term integration.
Human Rights Advocacy Accra, Ghana VolunteerMatch Ghana Non-profit | VolunteerMatch Ghana
Law & Human Rights volunteering with VolunteerMatch Ghana will give you the opportunity to work on legislation and make a difference in other people’s live.
Community Outreach Ambassador Buenos Aires, Argentina Mente Argentina Agency | Mente Argentina
Assist in local community progress in an underdeveloped district without running water, paved roads, or basic amenities.
Community Development Facilitator St Mary , Jamaica V2 Volunteer & Vacation Agency | V2 Volunteer & Vacation
Gain international experience in Community Development projects in Jamaica. Assist in advocacy, organizing events, leading workshops and much more.
Human Rights Supporter Phnom Penh, Cambodia Asia Volunteer Network Non-profit | Asia Volunteer Network
This project plays a very important role in order to improved people's participation in social, economic and political life.
Human Rights & Legal Aid Supporter Nairobi, Kenya Pamoja International Non-profit | Pamoja International
Volunteer to do tasks like lobbying, researching, provision of legal aid and justice distribution.
Law & Human Rights Internship Phnom Penh, Cambodia Love Volunteers Agency | Love Volunteers
Support people who face discrimination and human rights violations
Human Rights Advocates Kumasi, Ghana Our Generation Voluntary Organization (OGVO) Non-profit | Our Generation Voluntary Organization (OGVO)
We place participants in independent Human Rights Organizations that seek to provide monitoring and rights to all people.
Community Ambassador Mzuzu, Malawi Khaya Volunteer Projects Agency | Khaya Volunteer Projects
This organization supports a number of women in income-generating projects, day care for their children, community vegetable gardens and more.
Women's Empowerment Supporter Phnom Penh, Cambodia Asia Volunteer Network Non-profit | Asia Volunteer Network
Women's Empowerment will play very important role for helping the women to empower their right and improving social, Economic and Gender equality.
Empowerment & Human Rights Supporter Kingston, Jamaica Jamaica Volunteer Programs Agency | Jamaica Volunteer Programs
With limited opportunities, marginalized communities become breeding grounds for crime and violence. Help raise awareness and empower youth at risk.
Women Empowerment through Education Delhi, India Love Volunteers Agency | Love Volunteers
Give impoverished women and girls a quality education, compassion and a sense of hope.
Improving the health and nutrition of PLWHA Mufulira, Zambia ALEJO Community Support Projec Non-profit | ALEJO Community Support Projec
Creating an enabling environment that promotes health, nutrition, quality of care, food security and economic support for women aged 15-49 and boys and girls under 5s
Women Empowerment Supporter in rural villages Dharamsala, India Pari Voluntourism Solutions Non-profit | Pari Voluntourism Solutions
Support women in rural villages for their social justice.
Human Rights Advocate Accra, Ghana Dream Africa Care Foundation Non-profit | Dream Africa Care Foundation
Work with local staff to identify communities and individuals in need of assistance. Areas include domestic violence, children rights, free speach and offender's rights.
Office Administration Assistant Cape Town, South Africa Stay Africa Volunteers Non-profit | Stay Africa Volunteers
Gain practical experience working in an NGO focusing on human rights, with an emphasis on social and economic rights.
Business Development & Marketing Kathmandu, Nepal Indra Foundation Non-profit | Indra Foundation
Indra Foundation offers Business Development & Marketing program, for expanding the horizon of your Business Development & Marketing skills by working with SMEs.
Support Local Women's Empowerment Cusco, Peru Love Volunteers Agency | Love Volunteers
Give impoverished women and children quality care, compassion and a sense of hope.
Empowerment Supporter for Rural Women Dharamsala, India iSpiice Non-profit | iSpiice
iSpiice has set up women empowerment groups in the community where volunteers are needed to teach english, job skills and computers skills.
Economic Empowerment trainers Jinja, Uganda BUWEDDA Non-profit | BUWEDDA
To train women and girls with disabilities in income generating activities and business management skills.